About Us


Elite PMX is one of the leading gold refining companies, operating the most efficient and effective precious metals factory at Toronto, Canada. We are dealers in gold and various other precious metals. We also refine Gold and other precious metals. Elite PMX is built on loyalty and respect. We value all our customers and ensure that each customer is given the best service equivalent to each penny invested. Our loyalty makes us dependable, as you’re assured of benefiting greatly with us.  Our elite support team ensures that each customer gets the best deal and gold refining, enabling you to have a quick turnaround for your gold and other precious metals. We help every gold buyer and dealers get the best refining services for their precious metals, adding more value to your product.


As one of the leading refining companies in Canada and around the world, you’re guaranteed of having the best refining services. With our team of experts, your gold will be refined in a quick and thorough way, making you have a better product.  We are highly known for our top quality refining services. With our state-of-the-art refining technologies and equipment, you’re assured of having a product with the highest standard of purity. Assay services are also done for all products refined.



We offer the following services

• Gold refining


•Various Analytical services

•Thorough Analysis of various precious metals



Our customers benefit from the vast experience and qualified team which provides ultra modern and advanced refining services in gold and various other precious metals. Our top class technologies enable us to process various gold and precious metals in the shortest time possible with the high degree of purity.

Contact us today, and get a top quality refining service.


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