2016 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Aircraft of The First

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Aircraft technology was barely a decade old when the First World War began in 1914, but the needs of warfare quickly fuelled incredible advancements in aviation. This fine silver coin pays tribute to the aerobatic Sopwith Triplane, and the Canadians who famously piloted it over the Western Front between May and August 1917.
Second coin in an exciting new 3-coin series that shines the spotlight on aircraft flown by Canadian combatants during the First World War!

Painstakingly engraved in stunning detail with selective colour: The reverse offers a faithful depiction of two Sopwith Triplanes, made famous by the all-Canadian Black Flight pilots.

This 1 oz. coin is 99.99% fine silver and with a mintage limited to 7,500 coins.

Celebrates the daring, pioneering spirit of Canadians who took to the sky and helped steer the course of aviation history!
Sure to be treasured by collectors and aviation enthusiasts for its artistic merit and historical theme, this striking coin is also a deeply meaningful gift for those whose loved ones proudly served their country abroad, whether on land or in the air.
The reverse design by Canadian artist David A. Oram features a detailed, engraved depiction of two Sopwith Triplanes flying above the Messines Ridge in June 1917. The use of selective colour recreates the distinctive appearance of the Black Maria flown by Flt. Lt. Raymond Collishaw of Nanaimo, B.C., while at rear is the engraved depiction of the Black Roger flown by Flt. S. Lt. Ellis Vair Reid of Belleville, Ont. The Sopwith Triplane’s reputation for exceptional manoeuvrability is on display as the Black Maria completes a sharp turn; this allows for a closer view of the plane’s markings, wing construction, even its .303-caliber Vickers machine gun atop the fuselage. The parting of the clouds reveals the tragic devastation of the Ypres area below, where there is little left of the village of Passchendaele save for the ruins of its church and the road that curves through the blast-scarred fields.

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